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Definition  2007 [f. am. Eng. + high spirits.] n. 1. A website that re-infuses sensuality and passion into the snobbish, academic world of gourmet food and beverage.  2. A place for the lifestyle of sensual, life-loving foodies who believe that we need to eat, drink, and procreate in order to survive with a smile.
||Gourmet Porn  2007.  [f. unkn. gourmet + porn]  n. 1. An event of celebratory indulgence in food, drink, and love.  2. A science or doctrine of love and the passions.   adv. Arousal of one's passions through multi-sensory consumption of one's environment and company.   adj. The beautiful obscenity of great taste and good times. spec. the people who find themselves here are the Pornocracy of gourmet life.
||Gourmet Pornstar 2008 [f. am. Eng.] n. A person accomplished in the science and art of luscious living.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a pornography website. This is NOT a pornography business. This IS a website dedicated to the Good Life- Gourmet Food, Gourmet Drink, & Gourmet Living. Sure, it may be the sexiest website for Gourmets on the planet, but it is NOT pornographic. Too often the world of gourmet culture is elitist, dry, exclusionary, and sterile. Our concept is to take Gourmet Culture and through the Internet, make it accessible to everyone and anyone capable of appreciating the finer things that life has to offer. There are few things in life that are more enjoyable than a good meal, a good drink, and a good laugh- we poke fun at the pretentious world of Gourmet Culture as well as ourselves along the way. Who doesn’t want to have a good time? And who ever heard of a good time that didn’t involve good food, good drink and good company? People need a place where they can build communities and new friendships with other individuals that share their gourmet interests; people who want to share their experiences, learn about gourmet living, have fun along the way, and discover that the finer things this life has to offer are well within their reach.

That place... That website... is - A Diet that Sticks to You!™